Julita Inca Chiroque: #PeruRumboGSoC2018 – Session 1

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Our first session has started last Sunday at UIGV. It was quite difficult to find a laboratory with Linux computers opened on Sunday, but thanks to the UIGV to let us use the classroom at Faculty of Turism. We had 7 hours of Linux basis,  from 10am to 6:00 pm.


There was a group conformed by students from different universities so the first part was an introduction of what the have heard about GSoC, GNOME, Fedora and Linux.

The students took their laptops to the session and an important detail was missing in classroom this time, an extension cord. Then, we placed them in the corners where plug points were. Gathered the list of their blogs and git accounts followed as they set their Fedora environments. I also lectured about the Linux history and basis of the GNU/Linux. Some works of the students, so far -> Giohanny 1, 2, Johan, Franz, Fiorella, and Cristian.Thanks to GNOME for sponsoring our lunch. It was taken around 1:00 pm. We ate “chifa”.

More basic commands, how to be connected on IRC (newcomers channels) and the use of VI were also explained while the light of the sun was slowly descending around 6:00 p.m.

Thanks all the attendances, Randy as one of our trainers, Solanch for her help. Great job!

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